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Living the dream

When many of us were young, raised as we were in the mid-1960s and 1970s, we were brought up to believe that our life would follow a fairly standard and idyllic pattern—school, university, career, marriage, children, and finally, a comfortable retirement, with perhaps a house abroad and zero financial worries. Our careers would have had an ongoing, uninterrupted trajectory from fun times as eager juniors through hard working, lucrative managerial years in our forties, before easing back in our ‘senior advisor’ fifties and finally packing the golf clubs and heading into the sunset. Our jobs would be rewarding and we would be [...]

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Here w’ego

Ego (noun) – def: (i) self-esteem: somebody's idea of his or her own importance or worth, usually of an appropriate level. But also, (ii) inflated opinion of self: an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a feeling of superiority to other people. The asset servicing industry has more than its fair share of ‘characters’—people who are attracted by, and can cope with, its huge rewards, immense challenges, high media profile and constant pressures. Given the visibility of these folks, via regular networking, conference speaking and attendance, as well as the fact that our industry, despite its global reach, can sometimes resemble a small [...]

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