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New dawn

What a difference a day makes, or more accurately, a Bank Holiday weekend. A somewhat misogynistic acquaintance of mine traditionally ‘calls’ the start of summer when he sees a given number of ladies shedding their drab winter garb and starting to wear colourful summer clothes. Correspondingly, following a slow and sluggish start to the recruitment market prior to Easter, I sense that, for whatever reason, the market has blossomed exponentially and so I’m pleased to call the return of something akin to a proper jobs market. By ‘proper’ I mean a market that is not in distinct disequilibrium with an excess of [...]

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Each to their own

The idea of the ‘perfect storm’ is one with which most of us are very familiar—the concept that, at certain times, a unique set of circumstances combine to aggravate a situation with potentially perilous consequences. Those of us working in financial services—and particularly securities services—in the UK are faced with a prime example of it: we are currently working against multiple combined challenges that together are limiting our ability to do business, to live a quality life and are hampering our chances of succeeding in our chosen line of work. Examples are myriad but include the ever-encroaching tide of regulation, which reduces [...]

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