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Fintech sector increasingly attractive compared to traditional banking for IT professionals

Fintech job vacancies are growing, while less are being advertised in traditional banking sector companies An increasing number of advertised jobs, higher average pay and IT’s prominent position in fintech is making the sector a more attractive option than the traditional banking sector for IT professionals. The amount of jobs advertised in traditional UK banking was just over 100,000 over the last 12 months, compared with about 39,000 in UK fintech, according to analysis from recruitment search site Joblift. But job vacancies in the UK fintech sector increased9% in the last 12 months, while the traditional UK banking sector advertised 3% less. In [...]

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Three Fintechs leading Open banking initiatives in the UK

As the world starts warming up to the Open banking culture, there is always going to be this tug of war between control and agility. As regulators tune their policies around data sharing and open banking, they will have to make decisions on how much control Financial services firms have over customer data. At the same time it is also critical to work towards an agile open banking framework within a controlled and secure data sharing ecosystem that takes care of customers’ interests. UK, like in most other aspects of Fintech, has been spearheading open banking in policy and execution, but [...]

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UK FinTech faces major skills shortage by 2030

Uncertainty around UK immigration policy post-Brexit could cost the sector £361 million FinTech faces a significant skills shortage by 2030 unless the UK maintains a flexible immigration policy post-Brexit, new findings claim. According to research by Innovative Finance, a not-for-profit membership association representing UK FinTech firms, the sector will exceed 100,000 employees by 2030, creating 30,000 new jobs, while the number of companies will more than double to 3,300. But the report, entitled 'Supporting UK FinTech: Accessing a Global Talent Pool', highlights growing concerns around the the UK's immigration policy - and how the uncertainty could hamper the sector's growth - [...]

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